I have been distraught by the amount of trash on our roads.  Litter seems to be increasing daily.  I finally called my Congressman, Jared Huffman and he eventually referred me to a local ‘group’ of three other women called Marin Clean Highways.  Among other things, they are working to enforce an ordinance to tarp trucks so debris doesn’t fly off.  I am working on litter prevention through the schools by making posters with kids.  The children have been so creative and so I share a sample below. College of Marin has kindly agreed to print 20 posters and then we will post them is public places throughout the county.  Our small group has joined with a larger organization, Marin Litter Coalition, made up of several local and state environmental organizations.  County officials and workers are part of this group because they have been working to meet standards set by the Clean Water Act which requires no debris in storm drains.

So my frustrations and one small step led me join many others who have similar concerns.  We want to honor this generous planet and keep it clean.


Falkirk Juried Exhibit

Artworks Announcement

I am pleased to have work in two local Juried Exhibits.  Two of my figure pieces in oil are included in the Falkirk Annual in San Rafael and two bronze figure sculptures are being shown in Artworks Downtown Gallery also in San Rafael.  Please stop by if you’re in the area. Attached are the announcements and images of the work.

Hope you’re enjoying the last of the fall crimson and gold.  Happy Holidays to you all ~ Ayris

Welcome Please Sign In

My Open Studios are closed for now but I’d love it if you’d take the photo tour below. Unfortunately, the guestbook in the photo above is not interactive but you can still sign in on my website.  Lots of folks stopped by ~ many art ‘aficionadas’ ~ women enjoying each others company, some with their children, grown or small on Mother’s Day.  We had fun and I’m always happy to hear what you all have to say about art, classes, health, who we know, where we go.  A few great guys checked in as well.

I have to admit, I’m happy to finally go back to making art and writing. I’m also in the mood to travel, perhaps a car trip through Glacier National Park or the Tetons. I long to feel a breeze freshened by ferns, tall trees and mountains covered with snowy white frosting.  But first I’d like to say thank you for all your emails and to those who visited when my studios were open.  If you still want to stop-by, just email and I’ll open my studio doors just for you. Soon there will be the inevitable transition from ‘gallery’ to messy studio but either way, it’s an email away.

My website has a new look, a lot of new work and new ‘interactive’ pages where you can buy greeting cards printed from original watercolors of Pt. Reyes National Park and West Marin.  You can also purchase giclees or fine art prints. Original artwork is for sale as well but please contact me for those prices.

Have a great summer!  I’ll literally keep you posted!


Etienne, Paradise Birds, Moon Over Marin
New Work & Prints
Another View
Grace Amid Watercolors
Bolinas Moon, Styroprints & Abstract Sunset
More Watercolors Upstairs
StillLife on the way Downstairs

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