The Giddiness of Green

Green Hills, watercolor 6″ x 12″

Month after month
I drive through thirsty hills
in northern California

From May to September
from Pacific beaches
to Sierra cliffs
all I see is pock-marked
ochre-brown vistas

in this era
of unpredictable weather
a deluge in October

Seeds and roots
that have not dared to breathe
for years
have inhaled the moisture
and exhaled green
A green so bright
yet soft and light
so deep
there is no word
no name for it
almost no tube of paint
to paint it

At last
December hills
are drenched
they roll and undulate
they roil with life

When I look
at their green blanket
of renewal
my eyes almost hurt
I feel giddy

I am relieved
and revived
as if my own thirst
has at last
been quenched
and I am once again
washed clean